Why Hire a Life Coach

Many people I engage in conversations with question the benefits of working with a Life Coach. Often, the perception of coaching is that this service is exclusive to athlete’s or executives. In fact, individuals from all walks of life hire and work with Life Coaches.  Life Coaches, provide assistance for individuals, helping them to identify and overcome various challenges. 

A Life Coach, helps an individual find direction.  Working with a coach, individuals are able to identify their true passion. Together, we will work to develop a plan that is manageable for you to successfully achieve their goals.  

You are able to reach your full potential, by crafting a workable plan.  A plan which provides direction and purpose.  Once you have identified specifically what you want or need from life, a coach is there to provide support.  Working with a coach prevents one from procrastinating, which actually alleviates stress, allowing for gradual, continual progress towards the goals you set.

Working with a coach you are able to accelerate your success. By holding yourself accountable for achieving each milestone you have outlined in your personal plan.

You are motivated and inspired to accomplish your goals through the assistance of personal support provided by your coach. The relationship is one of trust, confident in the fact your coach wants you to succeed as much as you do.  A Life Coach has your best interest at the forefront throughout the process.

The benefit is that you will develop a greater sense of wellbeing once you have successfully achieved the goals you have outlined.

You will live a more satisfying and fulfilling life doing what you were truly meant to do.  A life you have designed, that specifically aligns with your values.

This video captures in part, why I was inspired to be a Life Coach.  It is gratifying for me to see my clients achieve the goals they set.  

I welcome the opportunity to work with you.

I welcome the opportunity to work with you.

Be Well

Lynda-Lee Saunier


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