When Ms. Saunier told me of her plans to pursue studies in Life Coach Mentoring I was completely supportive, after all I have seen her mentoring for the past 10 years. I believe that this is a perfect “fit” for her, and a bonus to all who she will eventually work with.

Steve Anderson


I know that Lynda-Lee will be a magnificent life coach. She cares about the all those around her.

Connie Williams


Lynda-Lee was a true professional in her approach to students, parents, staff and colleagues. I loved her warm sense of humour and her thoughtful insights into life. They were positive and constructive with me, she was always encouraging.

Joe Mauro


Ms. Saunier has high expectation for herself and the people around her. She operates from a place of conviction that is rooted in her moral and ethical belief system, a belief that everyone should be supported to do the best that they can in their work and personal life.

David Manuel


I am honoured to have developed a deep friendship with Lynda-Lee. She is a kind and warmhearted individual who always encourages her friends to do and be their best. Lynda-Lee values honesty and exhibits the highest level of confidentiality in her friendships which helps establish high trust relationships.

Paula Gosal


Lynda-Lee’s remarkable support, life experiences, wisdom and mindfulness, have provided me life coaching on a person level.  She is empathic, caring, and a great listener, in my time of need during caregiving to my parents battling cancer at an elderly age.  The numerous times I sat in her office about work related business, she would keep in touch with my home life to ensure that I am moving forward.  Her caring nature and intuition on my well-being is so welcome and heartwarming knowing she is well aware of my personal needs.

Curtis Tieu


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