Thoughts on Leadership and Coaching

I believe there is a parallel between leadership and coaching.

Leaders set an example, they do what is right. At times, that is not always what is popular.  They conduct themselves with integrity.

A leader supports transparency, allow themselves to be vulnerable, hold themselves accountable and understands that trust is something one earns, not an entitlement.

There are individuals who do not feel they are positioned to lead.  Navigating within an organization in which the hierarchical structure is the norm, certainly presents challenges. However; it is not impossible.

One of the many reasons individuals seek the support of a Life Coach is they feel stifled, lack autonomy, the sense of freedom they desire.

Organizations are recognizing and supporting individuality more now than ever.  It has become evident that better decisions are made through collaborative efforts, brainstorming and transparency. The days of the autocratic leadership are quickly fading, they haven’t disappeared, however we are making progress daily.

Families are changing as well, roles and responsibilities within families are shifting, we no longer conform to the antiquated models of the past.  Parenting as with other tasks is a joint effort with both parties equally contributing in all areas.

A book I discovered several years ago that still resonates with me and one I highly recommend is by Robin Sharma, “The Leader Who Had no Title”.

Sharma has created a modern day fable which takes the reader on a journey of the value of taking pride in the work we do.  Regardless of where you are within an organization or a family, you have the ability to model leadership.  I would suggest we have a responsibility to model leadership.

The link inserted below provides a brief video clip to introduce and promote the book. I encourage you to take a minute to view the clip, and reflect on the powerful message it conveys.

For those interested in purchasing the book it is available on Amazon, iBooks, Chapters/Indigo.

Do you agree we are all leaders? 

Please weigh in on this discussion and share your thoughts. Your contribution to this discussion provides an opportunity to explore the topic from a different perspective.

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  1. Anonymous

    Thank you for presenting this question.
    I believe each individual has the ability to be aLeader. We are presented opportunities every day to model the behaviour of a leader. A leader does the right thing not because it is popular, or to manipulate a person or situation. They do what is right because it is the right thing to do. These actions define a person as a leader. Leaders set an example, model behaviours through their daily actions. They do not fear standing alone, if that is what is required to do what is right.
    As a coach, I will assist individuals to recognize their natural talent and gift.
    Be Well
    Lynda-Lee Saunier

  2. M.Y.

    I wasn’t sure what aspect of coaching you referring to. Is it life coaching or leaders being a good coach? Some clarification in the title or the content would be helpful. M.Y.


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