The Five Second Rule

Mel Robbins introduces an intriguing theory on how to over come obstacles preventing us from achieving our goals based on the five second rule.

Mel Robbins, the author of “The Five Second Rule” provides insight based on brain research Robbins claims by implementing the simple five second rule, we are able to dramatically alter our behaviour

The instructions are simplistic, count backward, 5-4-3-2-1, before you make a decision. 

Mel Robbins is relaxed and transparent as she discloses her personal struggle with anxiety. Attributing her ability to overcoming anxiety with the implementation of the five second rule.

The five second rule allows an individual time, a pause, the moment to refocus your thoughts. The time to shift thoughts from negative to positive.  

As with any change in behaviour, practice is vital to success.  According to Robbins, she not only developed the skill to manage her anxiety attacks, she was able to discard the medication she was dependant on for twenty years to manage the condition. 

We are at an exciting place, people are willing not only to speak of their very personal struggles, they are offering solutions, proven effective in their situation.

Included in Robbins book and interview are various common symptoms suck as butterflies in the stomach, increased heart rate, sweat, flushing.  Recognizing the symptoms develops awareness and deepens our understanding of the cause. 


The five second rule allows an individual the required time to shift their thoughts.

Confidence is a skill, not a trait.  Acknowledge the worse case scenario, accept it, then try.  It is through practice, we develop the skills to master what we desire.

There is a false belief that an extrovert exudes confidence which is a fallacy.  Introverts and extroverts may or may not be confident.  Remember, anyone is capable of developing the skill of confidence, it just requires dedication to practice.

Be Well
Lynda-Lee Saunier


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