Stress- Laughter is great therapy!

Laughter Helps!

All to often we hear how stressed people are. Stress is taking a toll on all genders and age cohorts. Individuals from a broad range of socio economic backgrounds experience stress at various time during their lives. It is not more prevalent in married couples or single individuals, and most alarming, is the increase in stress related illness reported among our youth and children.

Causes of stress vary, what may be a trigger for one person has little or no effect on another. Each individual has their own threshold of what they are able to manage.

Stress is also associated with mental illness. Research indicates the most susceptible age cohort to experience mental illness or depression are adolescents, though it can effect anyone at anytime.

Other symptoms include headaches, stomach pain, and insomnia. Prolonged exposure to extreme levels of stress, may present serious threats to our health.

Fortunately we have a plethora of information easily accessible, providing details of major causes of stress including the warning signs, we are able to use as indicators, telling us we have reached our limit, stress is taking over.

It is important to recognize signs of stress and set boundaries to reduce or eliminate it. Individuals should avoid measuring themselves against others. Do not allow “well she seems to be handling it well” to drive you to push yourself beyond your limits. You health is not worth the competition. You are unique, you have attributes that allow you to do what is right for you.

To reduce stress, take care of yourself, exercise, has proven to be an effective means of reducing stress, so get active.

Other proven methods to reduce stress are journaling, meditating, developing hobbies, reading or talking it out with a coach. A coach is a neutral confidant who is able to work you through the difficult period.

This brief video provides other recommendation of how to reduce stress in your life.
Most important, be good to yourself, take care of you, you are worth it!

Be Well
Lynda-Lee Saunier

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  1. Cela

    I really enjoyed this Linda-Lee. It’s just right, very well balanced in terms of written content and video, and great information without being overwhelming. The presentation is stress-relieving in itself! Thanks very much for this.

    1. admin (Post author)

      Thank you for the feedback. I am pleased you found the information and video useful.
      Be Well


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