Shame and Vulnerability

In 2010 Brene Brown presented at TEDX in Houston. Brene Brown is a research professor at the University of Houston, Texas, USA.

The focus of Professor Brown’s talk was vulnerability and shame.  Within moments, of listening to this talk, I was a fan. What Dr. Brown was speaking about, resonated with me on a deep level. All I could think is finally, a person was speaking publicly, on a topic which leaves many very uncomfortable, but a subject in need of exposure.

Many people, including myself, have been conditioned to camouflage our vulnerability. Family, friends, peers, colleagues all contribute to shaping a culture in which we suppress emotions.

The increase, of female executives, imposes additional pressure to “toughen up” these individuals quickly learn to disguise the slightest sign of vulnerability.  How does society reward these individuals, by slapping them with the label of “a bitch”.

When we stereotype, everyone suffers.

Brene Brown inspires all humans, of every gender, to be “Brave” through her humorous, candid dialogue.

Brene Brown has been challenged at various times, by members of the male population, who question why her research focuses primarily on woman.

My understanding is Dr. Brown has expanded her research, however; in  2017 Justin Baldoni delivered a Ted Talk that went viral.

Justin Baldoni is an actor, motivated by the recent explosion of harassment allegations, this young man felt compelled to speak out.

Justin Baldoni’s, delivers, a heart warming personal talk which redefines masculinity.  Justin’s presentation, compliments the work of Dr. Brown and demonstrates that men also have the right to be vulnerable.

I am extremely grateful to individuals like Justin Baldoni and Brene Brown, for engaging society in these conversations.

It is through these conversations we will find courage.  The courage, to continue these conversations.  Conversations, that will free us, of the fear of failure.  Conversations, that support authenticity.  Conversation, where shame does not exists.


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