Self Esteem Matters

Self esteem is critical to an individuals health and well being.  Many people have a tendency to measure their worth through the evaluation or opinion of others rather than relying on their own personal view based on values and beliefs. 

 Collin Dictionary defines self esteem as:

Your self-esteem is how you feel about yourself. 

For example, if you have low self-esteem, you do not like yourself, you do not think that you are a valuable person, and therefore you do not behave confidently.

Poor self-esteem is at the centre of many of the difficulties we experience in our relationships.

The very definition serves as a reminder, our self esteem is our personal evaluation, not that of others.  Self-esteem is within our control.  It is the individuals personal belief about themselves. 

Low self esteem contributes to depression, often preventing a person from achieving their full potential.  

In contrast, the other end of the spectrum is the over abundance of self-esteem. This may reveal itself as arrogance, which may be equally depilating, and prevent personal growth. Essentially the overly confident individual may develop a narcissistic attitude. Forming a belief they possess all the knowledge and skills they will ever require.

Niko Everett provides an insightful and inspirational talk for TEDxYouth

Essentially Niko encourages each individual to change their self talk and boost your self esteem.

Abria Joseph, delivers a power presentation on how we allow our thoughts to create stories that hinder individuals from being adventurous, taking risks and becoming all you were meant to be. Abria reminds individuals to take care of themselves, stay connected to who you are, remain true to thy self.

Abria leaves us with three questions to reflect upon, from his mentor, spiritual guide Sai Baba.

Is what we speak the truth?
Is it necessary?
Does it improve upon the silence?

Brett Ledbetter, provides additional evidence of the significance of our self talk in his TEDxGatewayArch presentation. Brett Ledbetter assists individuals to identify our stress triggers providing a methodology of how to manage yourself in a stressful situation. You achieve this by building your inner coach.

Brett Ledbetter leaves you with two questions to ask yourself and reflect on.
What did I do well and WHY?
What could I do better and HOW?

My wish for you, is to develop your inner coach, be who you were meant to be.
I believe in you!

Be Well

Lynda-Lee Saunier

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