Scotland leads campaign on well-being.

This inspirational talk by Nicola Sturgeon not only highlights the significance of taking care of people, we are also reminded of the positive contribution woman make in leadership. Sturgeon reminds us of Scotlands leadership through out history, the enlightenment period, the industrial revolution and now well-being. Scotland in collaboration with Iceland and New Zealand have set a mandate to improve the well-being of every citizen of the country.

Nicola Sturgeon’s is a First Minister of Scotland, and the current leader of Scotland National Party. Sturgeon advocates that the well being, a happy society, is a more prosperous. The GDP should include the human element as the most valuable.

Sturgeon reminds us that at the time of this speech each of these countries was under the leadership of a woman, leaving it to the audience to decide if that contributed to the difference in the philosophy of these countries, as well as the successful outcomes reported.

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