Practice, Practice more, Practice often!

We are entering an exciting time in brain research according to Dr. Laura Boyd, a Brain research at the University of British Columbia.

Dr. Boyd’s speech, supports the research conducted by her predecessors, providing further evidence of the brains ability to learn, throughout our lives. A key factor Dr. Boyd states is practice, the brain needs practice to learn, to develop new skills and to remain healthy. 

Researchers have abandoned the notion that learning is thwarted at a certain age.  In addition, there is evidence to support the rehabilitation of stroke victims. Equally relevant, are the measures we can all take, to prevent or delay dementia, as well as various other disease that effect the aging brain. 

Essential to prevention is continual learning, stepping out of your comfort zone to develop new skills and gain knowledge.

Dr. Boyd emphasizes the correlation of prevention to practice, acknowledging it requires dedication and practice.

This research is particularly relevant as a means to transition through change.  Change is something we will all encounter throughout our lives.  Rather than resisting, and remaining stuck in our habits and routines it is vital to embrace change.  Approach transitions as an opportunity for growth, an opportunity to learn, and opportunity to change.  Most importantly an opportunity to develop skills and knowledge to adapt to today’s world.


So take the risk, learn something new.  Find something you enjoy, have longed to learn, and do it.  Repetition is key, so practice, daily and once you master the new skill, establish a new healthier habit, you will welcome the opportunity to repeat this experience.  

You will discover a new you!

All the best, be happy, be well.


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