Mindfulness, a part of daily practice.

There is no stopping the buzz of mindfulness. Preforming a quick google search will produce a plethora of coaches, psychologist, and religious organizations all promoting mindfulness training. So why all the hype?

Mindfulness practice dates back thousands of years.  The Western world has adopted mindfulness predominantly from Buddhism and Hinduism, although mindfulness has been traced to Judaism, Christianity and Islam.  The language to describe the practice varies slightly, in Judaism teachings speak of “cultivating inner awareness” Christians prefer “mindful” and Islam believe in the “pure core in everyone”.

In the 1970s, psychologist began harnessing the power of mindfulness in their practice, as a method of treating their patients. Today, mindfulness is integrated with yoga, coaching, leadership, anger management, and a variety of other disorders.

A growing number of organizations offer mindfulness training to leadership teams and employees.   Judith E. Glaser, in her book Conversational Intelligence, suggests mindfulness is essential to develop conversational intelligence.

Increasing support of mindfulness including instructional documents and video are available from published works. An increasing number of Dr.’s  have incorporated mindfulness training in their practice for treating specific disorders.  Psychologist, Daniel J. Siegal provides examples, in his book Mindsight ,of the positive benefits of mindfulness in the treatment of anxiety, depression and various other conditions. Dr. Siegal provides evidence to support the use of mindfulness practice in the treatment of individuals inflicted with bi-polar through his narration of the successful treatment and outcome for one young man diagnosed with bi-polar syndrome.

The video below provides a  7 minute introduction to Mindfulness by Dr. J. Siegal to increase your understanding, and motivate you to incorporating this practice into your daily routine.


Below is a one hour presentation providing a detailed explanation of Mindfulness including the transformational benefit mindfulness practice has on an individuals personal and professional life.


Mindfulness training requires consistent daily practice, it is a process which requires commitment to daily practice.

Dr. Ron Siegal provides a variety of meditations, for free download, from his web-site. mindfulness-solution.com

As a Life-Coach I will provide support, for individuals who struggle to cultivate a lifestyle that includes the daily ritual of mindfulness.

Please contact me, if you require additional support during the transition to harness the benefits of mindfulness in your life.

Be Well
Lynda-Lee Saunier

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  1. Mary McDonald

    I find that noticing very small details of beauty in nature brings an attitude of mindfulness that permeates my day. Thank you for the inspiring video content here!

    1. admin (Post author)

      You are absolutely correct Mary, we need to appreciate the beauty around us. We need to learn to and be comfortable with being still. Thank you for sharing your insight. Wishing you the very best.
      Be Well


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