For many the thought of change sparks feelings of excitement, a new adventure.  

For many others, change evokes a sense of dread.  Feelings of anxiety surface, they may manifest as panic, crippling individuals from exploring the possibilities and opportunities change presents.  Changes, that may well produce a greater sense of well-being than they could imagine.  

Change is venturing into the unknown, it is unpredictable.  It is the unknown, and unpredictable that we fear.  

Humans tend to be creatures of habit, we get up, go to work, perform similar tasks daily.  Tasks that become ingrained in our lives, they are part of our daily ritual. You identify yourself with the rituals you perform daily.  This is who I am, this is what I do.  Why?  Because it is what you have been doing for so long it has become a part of you. Some of the tasks we perform from habit, with little thought of why, it just is. We have been doing it so long it feels right.  Or does it feel safe? 

Change requires us to consider various scenario’s.   We have to adapt, develop new systems, processes, establish new rituals.  Rituals that are foreign, less comfortable.

Change involves letting go of what is comfortable, venturing into the unknown, embracing new routines. Different from what we are accustom to, what we are comfortable with.  Change, can be downright scary. 

A question to ask yourself when considering change is “What is the worse that could happen?”

We resist change because we feel a lack of control over what is no longer predictable and familiar.  Fear holds us back, we feel frighten therefore we remain entrenched in routines and habits that in some cases work just fine, but they do not allow one to grow.

We grow, when we are willing to step outside our comfort zone, and explore the unknown. In doing so you open yourself to the potential to realize a greater sense of well-being and happiness than you could possibly imagine.

“What would you do if you weren’t afraid?”

I would love to hear your response to this question.  Allow yourself to dream, think about all the options, imagine what your life could be like.

“What would you do, if you weren’t afraid?”

Be Well, Be Happy, Be all you can be!

Lynda-Lee Saunier

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