Brain Plasticity

Learning Never Ends

As early as 1762 Swiss philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau argued our nervous systems are not machines, but alive and able to change.

Subsequently, many researchers, scientist, psychologist and psychoanalyst would build on this theory, including Freud and Santiago Ramon y Cajal in the 1800’s.

Additionally, the researcher who made an enormous contribution was, Dr. Edwards Taub’s though scourge, temporarily halted progress in the early 1900’s.  The controversy, associated with Taub’s, was the result of his use of monkeys when conducting his research. It was an activist from PETA, who secretly gathered information that brought research to a temporary standstill in the summer of 1981.

Dr. Taub’s, eventually resumed his practice followed by the opening  of thePhysical Therapy Clinic in Birmingham Alabama. Individuals, who have suffered strokes, brain trauma and multiple sclerosis have received successful treatment, allowing them to lead functional, meaningful lives.

Dr. Michael Merzenich, and many other researchers, built on the progress and findings of their predecessors.  Dr. Michael Merzenich, has published works and is dedicated to educating society on the brains ability to adapt, and learn.  Learning that continues throughout ones life.

TED Talk by Dr. Michael Merzenich.


Dr. Norman Doidge, pulled together the findings of these pioneers in the field of neuroplasticity, and continues to champion integrating neuroplasticity for use in all areas of humanity.  Developing methods for therapy, rehabilitation as well as developing applications, proven to enhance learning for those struggling with diagnosed learning challenges such dyslexia, ADD.  Essentially, these conditions, no longer restrict the potential of the individual.  The author of published books, The Brain That Changes Itself, and The Brain’s Way of Healing, in which he credits researchers, as well as provides numerous examples of triumph, for individuals who were able to overcome insurmountable odds, experiencing partial or full recovery.

Dr. Norman Doidge, The Power of Thought


Dr. Norman Doidge, Change Your Mind


It is important for each of you to understand, we continue to learn throughout our life.  Functions, habits, even cultural beliefs, are not hardwired into our brains.  We have the ability to learn, to change, and to adapt, at any age.

It only requires a desire, and dedication. Believe in yourself, nothing is impossible.

Be Well

Lynda-Lee Saunier

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